My oldest son is Autistic. This makes shopping for his clothing an uphill battle. He can spend hours touching and hand-testing fabrics. Going store to store, website to website, trying to find the perfect fit for whatever adventure he has planned.

Jack, has many sensory issues, his eternal struggle is finding the right pair of socks. 


They have to be colorful, soft, seamless... it has to be just the perfect pair of socks!


The elastic has to be able to hold it up, but not pinch his calf! 


The socks must be able to keep his feet toasty warm but not make them sweaty!


...and that's just the start!  

For him a day spend organizing and sorting his socks for the next week would be equal to a day at Disneyland.  


After years of hunting for the perfect pair, we have decided to do the work for all the other parents out there and put Jack's years of research to good use! Our collections are handpicked by Jack (with a little help from us) to be perfect for every busy day coming your way.